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Wellness Philosophy 

 E’lan Salon & Spa's mantra is “treat yourself to something better” and we believe that about your overall wellness as well. Our treatments are customized to your individual  needs whether you’re looking to unwind after a busy week or you’re looking to ease a painful area, our therapists are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. From high quality oils and exclusive organic scrubs, our treatments are not just a luxury but a part of your overall wellness!

Relax & Induldge

Hot Stones Massage

body work


Specialty Treatments

Massage Salts
Skin Santuary Frangipani-04.png

Located inside E'lan Salan & Spa.
We view our Skin Sanctuary as a must-have service carrying the best exclusive products so you can achieve your greatest level of relaxation.

As a former massage therapist, I am so happy to report that Maggie is an excellent massage therapist herself! I have had two massages from her and each time, she listened to my issues and was skilled and confident in addressing them. The massage room is quiet, clean and comfortable. I really love the heated table and aromatherapy. I will be back!

—  Brenda Brown



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